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  • Mentor coaching and coaching supervision demystified. How can coaches take advantage of mentoring and supervision?

Mentor coaching and coaching supervision demystified. How can coaches take advantage of mentoring and supervision?

  • 24 May 2023
  • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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In collaboration with ICF San Francisco we are proud to present "

Mentor coaching and coaching supervision demystified. How can coaches take advantage of mentoring and supervision?"

This program has been approved for 1.5 Core Competencies and .5 Resource Credits

Journey of a coach doesn’t stop when they are awarded with a credential, it is a continuous learning process, and it is pivotal in maintaining a successful coaching career.

Moreover, coaching credentialing bodies such as ICF and EMCC make sure that professional coaches have an ethical duty to keep learning and improving their skills as well as their awareness beyond the initial coach training. For example, ICF requires to renew credential every 3 years and have minimum of 10 hours of Mentor Coaching. 5 hours of team coaching supervision is required when one applies for ICF Advanced Certification in Team Coaching. ICF Credential-holders may submit up to 10 hours of Coaching Supervision (delivering or receiving) as Core Competency Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units toward their credential renewal. Apart from such requirements, both modalities are deeply embedded in coaching competencies. For example, according to ICF Competency 2 Embodies a Coaching Mindset a professional coach: Engages in ongoing learning and development as a coach, Develops an ongoing reflective practice to enhance one’s coaching. In order to meet these criteria coaches might choose different ways of coaching development. Among those are trainings, and of course mentor coaching and coaching supervision. And sometimes coaches do not fully grasp what’s the difference between coaching supervision and mentor coaching. Some coaches might even be wondering whether there’s any difference at all or whether it’s all mere semantics. During this 120-minute workshop we will invite you to a journey to explore these two modalities. You will broaden your understanding by exploring: What are the main differences between supervision and mentor coaching, When to choose each modality in terms of your needs and ICF credentialing, How to choose a right mentor and supervisor for you, What mentoring and supervision sessions look like focusing on growth opportunities you can experience during each.

How you need to prepare for mentoring and supervision so you can fully take advantage of the experience. We invite you to the interactive exploration of ways coaches can grow and develop their craft with two experienced professionals who support coaches in their growth taking advantage of modalities. Ewa Polak, PCC, will focus on mentor coaching and Inga Bielinska, MCC will concentrate on coaching supervision. And they both answer your questions and share their experiences.

Inga Bielinska (MCC, team coach, business trainer, ICF mentor coach and coach supervisor) works globally with clients who undergo change, both organizational and individual, struggle with managing remote and culturally diverse teams, or find communication challenging. Some of them experience issues and conflicts or just try to move up from managing to executive position. During her career, she gained experience as a managing partner, business owner, consultant, and a Board member in non-profit organizations, which allows her to bring hands-on, credible experience to her work since she experienced the challenges of corporate career. Inga Bielinska is a part of Forbes Coaches Council and Newsweek Expert Forum where she can share her expertise in a community and by writing articles. She wrote two books in Polish for leaders. Second one was shortlisted by a major Polish business magazine for a book award.

Ewa Polak is Professional Certified Coach, ICF Mentor Coach, facilitator and business trainer with 9 plus years of experience.With passion and commitment, she supports her clients in a way that helps them to define and pursue their own goals. She helps them to discover their own path of development, and find the potential that they have inside of themselves. Ewa works with individuals, individual contributors, senior managers, entrepreneurs and small business owners in their journey of improvement and empowerment. The main areas of work with her clients are: personal development, leadership, working with emotions, well-being, communication, self confidence. She is a Mentor Coach for those coaches who are embarking on the path of ICFaccreditation or renewing their existing credentials. She is originally from Poland where she earned a Masters Degree in Psychology. Presently she lives in Guatemala, where she has also gained experience as a trainer and facilitator, working for NGO’s and various organizations where she designed, led and facilitated trainings and workshops for mentors and managers in the areas of: leadership, proactivity, motivation, coaching and mentoring - tools to improve communication. She created and facilitated workshops for women in areas such as: self-esteem, identity, critical thinking, mapping your goals and dreams.

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