August 6 2020 Newsletter

Coaching the Team

“In the last few months our team has been stretched to its limits.” This was the opening sentence in a message my client sent to her team announcing the launch of virtual team coaching. The impact of the pandemic, civil unrest, and Zoom fatigue on virtual teams cannot be overstated. Teams are tired and collaboration is waning. These external stressors have opened new opportunities for our coaching profession, including virtual team coaching.

Teams are more than a collection of individuals. They are a system, more than a sum of its parts, with a personality all of its own. Teams also have a voice. What is the voice of the system saying? The role of a team coach is to expose the system to itself. By listening and reflecting back to the team, we can hold a mirror for the team to decide how it wants to be with one another. We hold the container and invite the team to move to a high-performance model.

This is a very different role from coaching one-on-one or coaching a group. Group coaching is typically aimed at a group of individuals with

cross-functional differences. They may or may not have common goals but the development focus is on individual development. In team coaching, we are facilitating the development of the system itself, aimed at achieving common goals through collaboration and interdependence.

The coaching skills needed might sound like:

· System Aware

· Tuned In

· Reflective Observer

· Actively Present

· Committed

For a team coach, it is difficult to remain system aware when you are monitoring perhaps ten screens at once. At least, it can feel that way. Our clients have had to step up their game during these difficult times, and virtual team coaching is a call for us to step up our game too.

ICF Georgia Announces Chapter Government Coaching Community of Practice

ICF Georgia is pleased to announce the establishment of our chapter’s Government Coaching Community of Practice. The ICF Georgia Chapter Government Community of Practice (CP) supports coaching in the government sector by providing targeted resources, professional development, and networking opportunities for internal and external coaches, and others who are interested in government coaching.

The CP is open to all levels of government (internal and external coaches) at the federal, state, and local levels. The ICF Georgia Government Community of Practice is led by a steering committee of trained coaches who similarly serve in federal, state, or local governments in GA. Non-federal coaches and others who are interested in supporting government coaching are invited to participate.

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