December 10, 2020 Newsletter

It’s here! A business building program for coaches created by coaches. This five-month business development program offers coaches exclusive access to experts and peers. Through workshops and cohort groups, participants will grow their coaching business and build their network. The program initially begins with a FREE workshop in January, Mastering the Fundamentals of a Successful Coaching Business, presented by Barry Foster. See below for the two date options for attending this FREE workshop.

Like coaching itself, there are some tried and true fundamentals and basics that work and form the foundation for your coaching skills. So too, is establishing a strong and enduring coaching business.

  • Discover why your business is like a peanut!

  • What do the numbers 16 and 5 have in common with your success?

  • How can three bubbles be foundational to your business model?

These important questions and many others will be answered in Barry's Business Fundamentals workshop!! BONUS: Receive a Coaching Tools Handout!

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