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Updated: Jul 28, 2021

It’s here! A business building program for coaches created by coaches. This five-month business development program offers coaches exclusive access to experts and peers. Through workshops and cohort groups, participants will grow their coaching business and build their network.

The program initially begins with a FREE workshop in January, Mastering the Fundamentals of a Successful Coaching Business, presented by Barry Foster. See below for the two date options for attending this FREE workshop.

Like coaching itself, there are some tried and true fundamentals and basics that work and form the foundation for your coaching skills. So too, is establishing a strong and enduring coaching business.

  • Discover why your business is like a peanut!

  • What do the numbers 16 and 5 have in common with your success?

  • How can three bubbles be foundational to your business model?

These important questions and many others will be answered in Barry's Business Fundamentals workshop!! BONUS: Receive a Coaching Tools Handout!

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December 10 Newsletter:

The word discipline can bring up huge resistance for freedom-loving entrepreneurs! What if discipline isn’t about whipping yourself into a frenzied pressure cooker of non-stop focus and productivity?

What if it looked more like Delightful Discipline? Where you embrace structure, daily rituals, new rhythms AND exquisite self-care.

Incorporating more Delightful Discipline into your day will help get things done in your business that will help expand your success. What you do in your business now – today – will plant seeds for 30, 60 and 90 days into the future.

One way to start adding Delightful Discipline into your day is to bookend your day with morning and evening rituals to help create some soul supporting structure.

Morning Rituals: Creating a morning ritual with your cup of coffee or tea and writing morning pages to help process all that is on your mind (which these days is probably a lot!) This helps free the brain clutter. Then, listen to a favorite podcast or read something inspirational to get the creative juices flowing. This will give you more creative energy to get things done.

Evening Rituals: Light a candle before you retire for the evening, put some calming sleep-inducing essential oils into a diffuser and write a gratitude list. Be appreciative for what is going well in your life, your business and in your day. As much as you might worry about the future possibilities, being grateful in this moment is good for your mind, body and spirit. Bookending with rituals will help trigger that you are beginning and ending your day. Aligning your energy sets the tone for a day filled with more flow and ease and a night filled with nourishing sleep.

Other ways you can add Delightful Discipline to your day -- 9-1-1 rituals: Create a list of things you can do in the moment when the anxiety, doubt or heartbreak gets the best of you. Post the list where you can refer to it when you get in the grip: take a walk, drink water, call a friend, text a lifeline, read something inspirational, look on Facebook for the positive stories that are everywhere. Breathe.

Daily Passion Project: What is the action you can take today to help move your business forward? Make sure you are clear about what projects you can work on, people to connect with, relationships to nurture, programs to design and get ready to market. If you don’t get clear on this then you’ll find yourself wondering what to do and you might default to too much news, falling into an abyss of stuckness and non-action.

Media Boundaries: What is your Healthy Discipline around reading and watching the news? We want to balance being informed, as this impacts the industries and people in the world by loading up our nervous system with more than it can handle. I check in the morning, lunch and the evening. At least that is my goal. On the weekends I am creating free time to not look for hours so I can just be and create… or clean!

Which of these Delightful Discipline ideas are you going to add to your day?

Laura West, CPCC, is a Business Success Coach and Founder of the Center for Joyful Business. She’s also been called, The Coach Whisperer by ICF GA members! She helps align your energy, discover your voice and authentic marketing style to create a meaningful and successful business. Sign up for more creative business success strategies here. Get your free ebook, Daily Flow Rituals here.

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