Meet the ICF Georgia Board of Directors

Kathryn Brooks


Why I am serving on the Board:

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) represents the Gold Standard of the coaching profession, and our ICF-Georgia Charter Chapter is one of the top regional chapters in membership and engagement.  It is an honor to serve on the ICF-Georgia Board!

I firmly believe that Coaching and continuing professional development are the keys to professional success.  In my practice, I help my Coaching clients become CEOs of their worlds!  I want to bring that same entrepreneurial mindset and positive energy to help my fellow Georgia-based coaches reach their professional goals.

Fun Fact: 

 I am both left-brained and right-brained.  I hold an MBA in Finance and can learn how to play musical instruments, especially woodwinds, quite easily. I was trained in the Yamaha Method as a child and concurrently graduated from traditional high school and the Virginia Governor’s School for the Arts with a concentration in classical flute performance.

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Karma Hill


Why I am serving on the board:

Part of my personal mission is to empower individuals to take charge and become the leader in their lives in order to live their dreams. I have found coaching to be an effective tool for just that. Serving on the board provides an opportunity for me to support the professional development and advancement of our local community of coaches and the coaching profession globally. 

Fun fact about me:

I went to Japan when I was 12 as part of a group to bring the 1996 Olympic Games to Atlanta! I also play the flute!

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Brigitta Hoeferle
Director – Advertising & Sponsorship

Why I am serving on the Board: 

One of my core values is to create win/win/win scenarios: A win for “the other”, a win for me/my family/my company and most importantly a win for the greater good/our community. And for that I show up proud and tall. I am honored to be serving in a community full of integrity, intentions and important information. It’s my passion to be resourceful and pass on my resources to others, so they may become more resourceful.

Fun Fact:

I drive an El Camino and a Porsche.

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Sona Nagel

Programs Director

Why I'm serving on the Board:

I walked in the same shoes as many new coaches who had just completed their training: feeling alone and lacking a community to learn with. I wanted to connect with a local group of like-minded people to share ideas, resources, and ongoing support. As a Program Director, I get the opportunity to bring valuable content to our community, which helps keep us growing on our coaching journey, together.

Fun fact about me:

Most of the women who married into my (Czech) family were foreigners - German, Slovak, Hungarian, Polish, genealogy contains the whole world! :)

Jenn O'Connor Andreou


Why I am serving on the Board: 

I have been serving on the ICF GA Board of Directors for 3 years.  The ICF GA Board gives me connection to my coaching community, access to training, education, growth, fellowship, and friendship.  By being committed to serving the ICF GA Chapter it has elevated my coaching skills, my coaching business, and my connection to community.  I love the ICF Georgia Chapter and the energy I receive from being around other amazing coaches. 

Fun Fact:

 I love to travel and have family living across 4 different continents: North America, Australia, Asia, and Europe

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Tracy Lefebvre

Community Manager

Why I’m serving on the board: I believe in the power of community and servant leadership. I have joined the board of ICF-GA to contribute and give back where I can to our members and the coaching industry. I believe that as coaches, we can all have an amazing ripple effect on the world around us. As the Community Manager, I look forward to supporting new and seasoned coaches through opportunities for connection and learning.

Fun fact about me

I always seem to get cold right before it rains. If you see me putting on a sweatshirt during a Georgia July, you might want to get your umbrella out.


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Jennifer Earl
Past President
Why I am serving on the Board: Connection is one of my core values and serving as Program Director on the ICF Georgia Board allows me to contribute to the local coaching community by providing programming that connects our members to resources, ideas, and on-going support for their personal and career development. I bring a high level of energy, curiosity, and love of laughter!
Fun Fact: 
I can say the alphabet backward faster than I can frontwards – Kindergarten was a wild ride!

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Tolu Akande

Past President

Why I am serving on the Board:

I want to provide opportunities for aspiring and established coaches to maximize all the coaching profession has to offer. Additionally, I don’t want any coach to feel like they have to do it alone.

Fun Fact:

I rearrange hymns in my native language (Yoruba/Nigeria). You can find my music streaming on all major platforms!


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